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What is a PA?

A PA (Personal Assistant) is someone who supports a person to help them live their life more fully and independently. They are usually employed directly by the person and can be involved in many aspects of their employer’s lives.

This guide from Skills for Care explains more about the role of a PA.

How to use the PA Noticeboard

To use this website, you must first register, either as an individual looking for a PA or as a PA looking for work.

Once a PA has completed their registration, they will be contacted by the PA Noticeboard team to complete the process.

Find out more about how to register here.

Once an advert has been created, the PA Noticeboard team will check the advert before publishing and contact you if any changes need to be made.


PAs cannot apply for adverts until they are accredited.

The accreditation means the PA will be expected to upload documents, complete some basic online training, agree to a code of conduct and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

This checklist shows what documents the PA’s need to provide

This is the code of conduct that all PAs must agree to

Find out more about the DBS Checks

Once a PA is accredited and their profile has been published on the Noticeboard, they can apply for any of the advertised positions. They are not directed to individual employers.

A PA will work directly for the individual they are supporting, who will pay them. The rate of pay depends on the role, experience and what the person is looking for.

The PA Noticeboard can support with questions, provide training for PAs and arrange DBS checks.

Individual employers

Individual employers must advertise their available role. They will write the job description and review applications themselves. PAs can be alerted when new adverts are listed and they can apply directly to the employer. It is important for employers to keep a regular eye on their emails.

The PA Noticeboard is not just for clients of Adult Social Care so anyone in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas can have a PA.

Adult Social Care clients may be provided with part of, or the total cost of funding to pay their PA. If paying the full cost (this is called self-funding) a PA can be paid for privately.

How to register

You must review the terms and conditions before registering. You will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions when registering.

Register on the website.

This how to register page can help you through the process.