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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all users of the website.

The purpose of this website is for registered PAs to find work and registered Individual Employers to find PAs only. The PA Noticeboard is for information purposes to help PAs find work and to help employers find PAs more easily. We do not recommend anyone, nor have we vetted the applicants. Any decisions or agreements entered into from using the website are the with the responsibility of those individuals.

Portsmouth City Council is not the employer nor is the Local Authority responsible for any agreements entered into. We advise all employers to carry out the appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service Checks.  It is a legal requirement to have a DBS Check carried out on any individual working in a home where a child will be present (including visiting children).  If you or your child are a client of social care services this will be paid for by Portsmouth City Council.

It is also a legal requirement for Individual Employers to provide an Employment Contract.

Portsmouth City Council reserves the right to remove any person from this service if they breach the terms and conditions and/or is involved in a safeguarding investigation without notice.

Portsmouth City Council also reserves the right to investigate feedback of unprofessional/inappropriate behaviour, and if another statutory body has informed us of any concerns they have about a user of this service we may remove the individual from the service without notice or detailed explanation. We will inform you that you have been removed, in cases where it appropriate we will tell you why you have been removed, in some cases this will not be appropriate and we will not share this information.

Portsmouth City Council is not responsible to any agreements entered into from using this service, however we do have a duty to protect vulnerable adults and therefore if there is a concern that an individual is at risk we will take action to protect the individual without notice.

For PAs

Your name and preferred methods of contact details will only be visible to registered users of the site and will only be used by Individual Employers to contact you regarding your suitability for their vacancy. By agreeing to appear on the PA Noticeboard you are agreeing that your application details will be available to all registered users.

You are expected to behave professionally at all times in any PA role you agree to. You must not divulge personal details of individual employers, this includes their name, where they live etc.  this service to any other sources. You will not contact other users of this service for any other reason other than finding work.  This will be outlined in your employment contract.

You must respond to all communication received via the noticeboard.  Failure to do this will be viewed as a breech of the terms and conditions and your account will be permanently removed from the website.

For Employers

Your name  will only be visible to registered users of the site and will only be used by PAs to contact you regarding your vacancy. The information a PA profile is to only be used for your own purposes and relevant to finding a PA. You will not divulge personal details of PAs to any other sources. You will not contact the PAs referees until you have made a firm job offer to that PA and they have given you permission to do so.

We are not recommending anyone nor have we vetted the applications. We advise that employers carry out the appropriate DBS checks; Portsmouth City Council is the umbrella organisation in the city to provide a DBS check service, please click here for further information.